Content quality directly proportional to income

I hope my content has clarity, continuity, and connection. Coz that’s what a blog post of Copyblogger says about quality content.

Clarity has to be in the form of – message delivered to the audience in simple words.

Continuity refers to – a steady growth of the content’s central idea.

Connection – every sentence must be related to each other without exaggeration.  

This is the capsule – a panacea, for content producers/writers. And of course for me, if I want to shine as one. Time and again, every bit of content development advice boils down to these metrics.

Now content has become the mainstay of my livelihood. It has helped me to pay for my higher education (post-graduation), look after my parents, and cover my marriage costs to a great extent.

Therefore, I need to practice the 3 C’s of content quality.

And improve upon them for the rest of my life.


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