Do what you want, not what you dont..Really?

This is a Catch-22 for me. If I do what I want, then I’ll have to take calculated risk! Why? I’m married and have to feed my family. If at all by chance, I miss my mark, I’ll lose all my savings (a paltry sum) and a 4+ years of job at a steady company.

Brushing up my writing skills will help me to stay buoyant. Writing has to continue on the side, throughout my life. This will provide me with the courage to take the bold step of following my dreams. Whatever I’m writing here, it has a sole purpose – to create a portfolio.

A powerful portfolio will get me assignments. Assignments will keep my pocket well-oiled. A well-oiled pocket will support me to fulfill my obligations. Fulfilled obligations will steer me to success.

Expecting Nirvana.


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