Juma! Who Chained A Human

I like to twist facts a bit, to both regret and rejoice. Am, Juma, the jaguar of Brazil and certainly not the one that was killed by a bothered Brazilian soldier in utter self-defense at the Olympic torch ceremony of Rio 2016.

This time I employed a bunch of my folks to chain a creature, a species named Homo Sapiens (aka human being) to amuse and enthrall my audience to flag off our very own global sporting event.

By nature we’re carnivorous and have been armed with powerful muscles, dagger-like incisors and a muslin coat of yellow & black. So, you see, I and all my folks are always heavily armed to fend off an attack, anytime.

The chained-human has been fed with flesh and bones for several days and brought in a cage for this particular event. Sadly, once the event was over, this chained creature slipped off its leash and did what it can do best – runaway.

But, we’re not the kind to let go our prized catch so easy and one of our folks grabbed the Beast by its neck. Within moment it calmed down in a pool of warm blood. Luckily, in our world there’s no media or Internet and so there’s no outcry for the misfortune!

How do you feel bud?


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